Peaceful Productivity

I spent this past weekend in southern Virginia visiting my dear friend Paige.  She lives in a very small town near a big lake and has lived there her whole life.  It was such a relaxing and calm weekend because we just woke up each morning and decided what to do.  We spent a good deal of time sitting on her uncle’s dock, just staring at the lake and talking.  I miss having friends near me that want to do that!

We did venture into the “big city” of Danville one night with some of her friends to celebrate her birthday.  I’ll spare you most of the juicy details, but let’s just say that it was a very colorful evening and I was reminded exactly how differently some people see the world.  Especially those who have grown up in small towns their whole life and only know what they see on a daily basis.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and I enjoyed my trip to a slower-paced world, but it also reminds me to be thankful that I’ve been other places and seen how others live.  It helps me appreciate what I do or don’t have a little more.

The best part of the weekend was Sunday night when Paige and I went out to a old country store that is no longer in operation.  It’s on one of her friends’ land and we sat in there playing board games with two others.  I LOVE board games and miss playing them.  We just laughed and joked and drank Dr. Pepper and played… amazing. I’m definitely going to miss visiting there, but I get one more week in the summer before I head west!

On the way home I stopped at the Marine Corps Museum at Quantico.  I’ve often passed this amazing structure on 95, but never when I have time to stop.  I can honestly say, I wish I’d gone sooner.  And I wish I could take my students.  It is a fairly new, very interactive and sensory museum that talks not only about the Corps, but all of the conflicts and wars they have participated in.  The technological changes and the racial/gender roles are discussed too… I could’ve spent days in there.  I only teared up once, even though there were people around me crying through the whole thing.  Just very moving and informative at the same time.  I highly recommend it!

I was going to talk about moving progress too, but there’s too much… so look for a post on that tomorrow or Thursday!


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