My Love-Hate Relationship with D.C.

The title statement should come as no surprise to those of you who really know me.  I’ve lived 25 miles outside Washington, DC my whole life and while there are cool things to do in the city, I tend to avoid it like the plague.  However, I am moving to Cali soon so I’ve made a list of a few things I want to do in the “DMV” (DC, Maryland, Virginia) before I leave.  This means facing my hatred of the city head on.

My first attempt was a huge success, mainly because I planned it well.  Ever since I went to Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, NJ I have wanted to go to Georgetown Cupcakes in DC.  Both have shows on TLC and I feel like I’ve come to know the owners and workers.  I learned from Carlo’s to get to Georgetown early, and I decided to go on a Sunday morning when they open at 10am but the rest of the area doesn’t open until 11am.  Perfect!  I only waited 10 minutes, and that was because I found close parking and got there at 9:50am.

I decided since I had trekked all the way in, might as well get half a dozen cupcakes 🙂  I got two Red Velvet (one for then and one for later!), a carrot cake, a “hummingbird”, a peanut butter chocolate, and a strawberry.  Then I knew to ask for the Mystery Flavor of the day, which you get free if you know to ask!  It was Peanut Butter Swirl that day and isn’t shown below as it came in it’s own secret bag.  As I say in the corner of the store, I immediately ate a red velvet and the carrot cake.  Both had a cream cheese frosting which was awesome.  The “hummingbird” was essentially a banana nut, and all were amazing… although I gave Mom the mystery and strawberry so you’ll have to ask her.

I wandered around the shops and canal area to burn off the calories, then left.  Oh, but not before buying a “Virginia is for Lovers” t-shirt, which was another item on my list of things to do before leaving NOVA.  I figured it can’t hurt to have one once I’m out of the state! A successful trip and some yummy cupcakes, but a word of advice: either order in advance or go early, and check online to see which flavors they have which days.

Now back to my regularly scheduled hatred of DC.  Tonight I made plans to go to a DC United game with the girls, mainly because Living Social (an online coupon website) was having a deal but also because I’ve never been.  Before I offend anyone, let’s just say that soccer is NOT my sport.  I can’t play it, I don’t particularly think it’s interesting, and I definitely don’t know any of technical rules.  But, the game was fun to watch… the fans were drunk and thus entertaining.  The front sections had a lot of $10 beer being thrown around in excitement, which was weird.  They won and we enjoyed ourselves.

Doesn’t sound so bad, right?  Here’s the problem: getting there and back.  I left home at 5:20 for a 7:30 game.  Crawled all the way in, which I expected, and parked at 7pm.  After spending $15 to park in a nearly empty lot.  Insane.  But whatever, I knew all that going in.  After the game, while merging out of the parking lot the two cars directly in front of me hit each other.  Luckily I wasn’t involved and drove around, but they were blocking my exit to 395, so I took 295.  This took me over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge for I think the first time since I’ve been driving, which was fine.

But then I merged onto 495.  After a mile or two, completely stop.  Merging down from four to one lane for construction.  Luckily I was able to dive off at the Braddock exit and escape.  After winding through Fairfax, I made it to 28 and was cruising.  Oh but wait, dead stop.  Like engines off.  Accident a few miles ahead.  Again, I was able to inch up and around and sort of illegally took the ramp to the airport… sort of because technically as soon as the ramp ended it merged with lanes for everyone, so just the ramp part was off-limits.  I then turned myself around and got on the expensive tollway.  I was exhausted and ready to be home (after 16 hours away from the house and TONS of clutch work).

The last thing, and I couldn’t make this up, a cop has pulled over a teenager in the middle of the road leading to my house, so I have to go to the next turn and drive the whole mile loop around.  Seriously?  And people wonder why I loath going into DC… but at least I’ve done some new things and I plan to explore here a little more before I go!

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