East Coast Exploring

Explore. My friend Claire and I decided earlier this week to head up to Atlantic City, NJ.  For literally no other reason than the fact that we’d never been and we saw a list that included it as the top 100 places in the world to visit.  Claire had also never been to Philly, so we thought we’d swing over there on the way home.  So, we rolled out Saturday morning (after my yard sale) and made it up there with little traffic!

Since we didn’t plan ahead, we stopped at the visitor’s center, which wasn’t really helpful but we got some coupons.  Then we sat in the parking lot, called several casinos to find the ones with the best deals and then did a quick drive-by to judge them from the outside.  We settled on Bally’s, and after a lengthy check-in process, hit the boardwalk!  We had no plans, but just wanted to explore all that New Jersey had to offer… and explore we did.  It was so much fun 🙂

We rode go-karts… which was funny because Claire had never driven a go-kart before.  And when we walked up, the guy motioned for me to get in a NY Yankees kart.  I hesitated and asked if there were any other options, Claire refused too.  So they had to drag it out of the way and put her in a Batman kart instead.  I jumped in to some orange/blue thing and off we went!  I wasn’t convinced it was entirely safe, especially how I drive, but I managed to keep it on the track (barely).  We also played skeeball and other amazing arcade games.  Won a mascot, got some tattoos, and wandered on.











At the far end of the boardwalk, we arrived at Revel (above, right).  Everyone had been all about this new hotel, and the billboards were raving about it too.  So we logically went inside and checked it out!  It was gorgeous, and definitely newer than the rest of the Boardwalk.  Then we turned around and wandered back towards “home”.  We’d completely lost track of time and were hungry.  We had just expressed the notion that no trip to the Jersey shore would be complete without eating something disgustingly fried.  An answer to our “prayers” rose out of the abyss and before we knew it a plate of deep-fried cookie dough was in front of us, covered in powdered sugar and chocolate.  HEAVEN.  The inside was like a slightly under-cooked cookie, mmmmmmm…

We then made it back to Bally’s, exhausted and needing to sit for a minute.  So we went down to Harry’s Oyster and Seafood bar.  I had a crabcake sandwich with an awesome side of sauteed vegetables.  The perfect seaside meal.

Then it was time to hit the slots!  We spent the next few hours playing the penny and nickel machines with varying amounts of success.  The coolest part?  You could order drinks from your slot machine, any kind you wanted!  And the lovely ladies would just bring them to you.  Amazing.











Anyway, fast forward to this morning.  We got up early (okay, that’s a lie) and walked down the Boardwalk for breakfast before heading out to part two of our trip: Philadelphia!  We did the Cliffnotes version and got in line for the Liberty Bell.  After reading our way through the museum part, we saw the bell.  It’s always impressive to me.

Then we killed some time until our Independence Hall tour began.  I don’t remember doing this before, but I think I did a long time ago.  Our tour guide was very animated and I actually learned something.  Then it was back on the road again, dropped Claire in D.C. and back home.  Another fun and random weekend in my life, happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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