Movies and Moving

First, a few more movie reviews:

1. We Bought a Zoo – This was SUCH a cute story, and it’s based on reality which is a bonus.  It’s a classic plot: tragedy for a family, desperate parent wants to help his kids, does something crazy, and it all turns out great in the end.  But obviously the twist is the whole zoo thing and the humans are just as entertaining as the animals.  It made me laugh, tempted me to cry, and left me feeling warm and fuzzy.  Cute for movie-watchers of all ages!

2. The Vow – This is a lovely story about dedication and loyalty and undying love.  It’s nice to see a story that shows it’s okay to let someone go to give them a chance to find themselves, and you, again.  It’s also nice to see Channing Tatum without his shirt on… I’m just saying, lol.  But seriously, a great romance that goes through all of the stages of recovery with just enough twists to keep it interesting.

On to the moving part. It is so. much. work. The packing, researching moving options, preparing for a yard sale, trashing stuff, and just waiting to hear about my home inspection and appraisal.  Both took place on Tuesday and are two of the big steps toward the sale.  And I’m not very patient. I feel like there’s so much to do, but yet I have so much time that I don’t need to rush.  Which makes it hard to focus on one specific task, and I end up doing nothing.  This might end well for me, but I’ll get to California with or without my possessions, lol.  That’s all for now… peace out!


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