It’s May, Time to Get Serious

Alright, this is going to be a super fast post.  Several things to update everyone on so here we go:

First, it’s May which means it’s testing month at work.  AP tests and SOL tests start on Monday and last for two weeks.  Some of my kids are super ready.  Others didn’t realize they had a test.  Ah, the joys of teaching.  So I’m buckling down and having review sessions before school, after school, in the evenings at Panera, during study hall, etc.  I answer e-mail questions round the clock and field all sorts of questions from parents, students, and other teachers all day at work.  I also do my best to motivate those less concerned students to at least do something, anything, to review.

On a personal note, I have made a commitment to myself to workout for 60 minutes a day the entire month of May.  Today I ran for 35 minutes and did the stationary bike for 60.  Tomorrow I plan to elliptical and swim for a total of 60 minutes.  Before anyone grumbles about days off and rest, I will note that taking an hour-long walk to and from Zinga! (as long as I wear shoes) will count and is not exactly strenuous.  Same thing goes for yoga, not hard, pounding exercise but working out all the same.

I have also vowed not to eat or drink anything other than water after 9pm for the entire month.  I have a problem of getting bored at night while relaxing for an hour before bed, so I grab snacks and munch.  They aren’t unhealthy necessarily (rice cakes, pineapple, etc) but it’s food I don’t need if I’m not hungry… and sometimes it’s an entire box of Toaster Strudels at 10:30pm like last night.  Oops.

Last “serious” thing is that I officially have a contract on my house!  We have to get through safety inspections, loan agreements, appraisals, etc. but if all goes as planned, I will be jobless and homeless as of June 15th when we go to closing.  Not a scary thought at all… anyway, happy Tuesday and welcome to May!!


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