Animated Movie Sandwich

So after enjoying my mental health day, I got sick for real.  I think it was part exhaustion and part something funky I ate.  So I missed another day of work, struggled through Friday and then snuggled up for a relaxing weekend of napping and Redbox.  The three movies I rented were Hop, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked.  So, for today’s blog I’ll give you my (quick) reviews of each!

1. Hop – I rented this because what I really wanted wasn’t in stock. And it looked kind of cute.  I didn’t expect much, but I was sick so all I really wanted was mindless entertainment.  It was actually better than I thought!  It’s a hybrid, meaning some animation and some real-life people.  The main character did a great job interacting with the bunnies and chicks and the chicks were just enough evil to keep it interesting, but not scary enough to limit the age of child that could see this movie.   I recommend it to families… but let’s be honest, most people my age should pass.

2. MI:GP – I had no idea if I’d seen all the other Mission Impossibles, I thought I had.  But in my head they were a lot more like Bond movies, meaning more naked women and fancy gadgets.  Anyway, this was actually really good!  There were a number of great car chases, some irrational deaths, and a lot of back-stabbing foreign villains.  I had zero clue what the plot was going in, other than the fact that they were being framed.  It was an interesting twist on the typical MI story, and definitely held my attention.  Oh, and it did manage to pull together some loose pieces of the MI story, which helped me remember that I have actually seen the others.  Overall, a pretty decent action movie!

3. Chipwrecked – I have definitely NOT seen the first one of these movies.  I rented it because I was sick and bored and don’t usually rent animated films… nor would I ever subject anyone from watching one with me.  And seriously, the commercials were funny with the dancing and singing chipmunks.  The plot of this one was a little rough, I mean I got it… but it’s been done before.  The songs were hilarious though and got me through the movie.  Again, not enough “adult humor” to really make it a must-see for my generation, but if you have kids and want a good, clean story – go for it.

Alright, enough babbling about mediocre movies… good night everyone!

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  1. Cynthia
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 09:29:34

    Our family movie last night with Vaughan, Travis, India and Skylar (8) was Hop and it was better than expected. When we don’t have Skylar we will definitely watch MI! Thanks for your thoughts. Love, Cyn



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