Mental Health Day

I’ve typically been one that scoffs at people who take “mental health” days, especially teachers because being absent is usually more work than showing up.   But today, after surviving Prom last weekend and starting to feel worn down after my crazy last month, I took a mental health day… kinda.  I had a substitute and did not teach from 9am-4pm, which are normal school hours.  But here’s what I DID do today:

Up at 5:30am to hit the elliptical and swim at the gym.  Frustrated because I was running late and didn’t get my full swim in.  Showered there and headed to school for an AP review session with my students from 8-9am.  We went over fun topics like the history of Mesoamerica and how to crank out three AP essays in 120 minutes without getting hand cramps.  Then as the warning bell rang, I slipped out the door and let me sub take over.

I was off to Woodbridge, VA where I picked up the 5,000+ prints that I had scanned to digital DVDs.  This was SO worth it!  I had coupons and because I didn’t have to ship them, I saved about $100.  Now the pictures of my life from when I first got a camera until I first got a digital camera (sophomore year of college) are on my computer! This will help with scrapbooking and just cutting down on the clutter of my life and I won’t have to move the 25+ albums they used to be organized in… they all fit in a Xerox box!

Since I was there, I went to an AMC theater nearby (we don’t have any in Loudoun) to use a free movie ticket I had. I saw The Lucky One.  It was the perfect movie to see alone on a mental health day.  It was really cute, kind of cheesy, and had just enough scenes of Zac Efron with his shirt off (is that weird to admit?).  But in all honestly, I enjoy that type of movie and it did not disappoint… just makes me feel even more grateful for our military and the sacrifices their families make.

After the movie, I drove to Wegman’s to get some sushi and yummy, delicious, fresh pineapple.  Then I sat upstairs and graded papers for a few hours.  When the school day was over, I headed back to school (because that makes sense).  The reason being, I was signed up to be the head timer for our track meet.  It was actually a lot of fun, even though I felt a little nervous because it was my first time being in charge of the times completely… but we didn’t miss any kids and I think I did an okay job!  We have two more home meets this year, so I can perfect my skills by the end of the season, lol.

As I walked out of school, my realtor called and said we had an offer on my house!  It wasn’t great and we will either counter or deny it, but at least it’s a start.  Aren’t you glad I took a mental health day to “relax”?  Me too!  Talk to y’all soon 🙂

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