Pinwheels and Polka Dots

This past weekend (really week) I spent time down in Georgia for two of my closest friends’ wedding!  I left straight from work on Wednesday, had a few plane delays, then rushed right from the airport to the dessert crawl bachelorette party.  We sampled desserts from ice cream cake to raspberry tart to chocolate covered strawberries and everything in between.  We also had super sugary and sweet drinks, which lead to a sugar overdose before the night was over.  But all-in-all we had a great time and it was a really fun night to celebrate the bride!

Thursday we drove out to the bride’s parents’ house which is right on the lake in Greensboro, GA.  Gorgeous.  We spent the day finishing up the last-minute craft projects and assembling the hotel gift bags.  A very productive but fast day!  My crowning achievement was getting the dog and bride safely out of Atlanta (without throwing up!) before the bachelor party that was to take place that night.

I forced myself to run first thing Friday morning and am dying to try the orthopedic inserts I just got from our school’s athletic trainer because my legs are killing me.  Then it was off to set up the reception site.  The bride hand-made TONS of colorful pinwheels for the centerpieces, aisles, and other areas of the clubhouse.  The wedding had such a playful, fun tone and it was a blast decorating with the girls.  Then we got our nails done, and changed for the rehearsal.  Our friend, who is an ordained pastor, was performing his first ceremony so it was a really special event.  The day was capped off with a huge open house for all of the out-of-town guests and was put on by the neighbors, which was adorable and such a great help to the parents of the bride.

The polka dots part of this post comes in the form of the brides shoes, which were watermelon with white and baby blue polka dots.  Incredible!  We had such a relaxed, wonderful time on Saturday.  Make-up and hair were fun (and I didn’t have to do anything, which is good because I was totally out of my element).  Then we ate McDonald’s for lunch, which is possibly the first time I’ve had McD’s since we used to get the breakfast buffet while waiting to get ours cars inspected with my Dad as a child.  I stuck with the grilled chicken sandwich meal and while it was no Chick-fil-a, it was half bad.  And the bride was happy, so we rolled with it 🙂

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and everyone cried, well not me, but you know the family.  Then we had peach bellinis, fried mac-n-cheese, quail, scallops, and mozzarella on bruschetta… and that was just cocktail hour!  Dinner was amazing too with peach-glazed pork and fried chicken, as well as salad and some other stuff that was amazing but my exhausted brain can’t even name right now.   I was nervous about my maid-of-honor speech because words are not my speciality, but I managed to at least get through it and was rewarded with tons of delicious cake!  The groom’s mother made the cake and every tier was a different flavor.  Amazing.  Then we threw sprinkles at the couple as they escaped.

Sunday was just packing up, and journeying home… exhausted… but SO happy to have been a part of such a wonderful event in the lives of this adorable couple.  Sorry that got so long-winded, but it really was incredible!


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