Sarah’s Key – Movie

You may notice that I’d changed my “Restaurant Reviews” tag/category to just “Reviews”.  I did this because I realized that I’m eating out a lot less these days and am watching more movies and reading more books instead!  So, here’s my second movie review (read about The Way too!)

So, back to Sarah’s Key.  This was a Redbox rental that I got based on reviews online.  It’s apparently also a book, who knew? So without ruining the story, it’s based in France and bounces back and forth from the present day to 1942.  In the past, it follows the story of a Jewish girl named Sarah whose family is forced out of their homes by the French police, similar to the Nazis in Germany.  In the present, it follows a journalist who is moving into a flat in Paris that her husband’s family has owned since 1942…

It was a really interesting look at a time in history I feel like I know so much about, but yet I had never really explored this side of it.  While I figured out where the story was going before it got there, there were some twists and turns along the way.  Very well done and a great story about survival.  I recommend it!


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