Kickin’ it in Cali

So I went to California for the first half of Spring Break.  I’m not going to go into the specifics, well okay I might, but not all.  It was a great trip is the bottom line 🙂  I stayed with my friend Brian, the one I just went to Vegas/LA with, and had a rental car so I could explore on my own while he worked.  I went to the beach a few days (see pictures below) and ate a ton of good food.  From deep-dish pizza that I was craving to several different sushi places, and even Firehouse Subs (yum!).

One night I drove up to Orange County to see my dad’s cousin Dan and his family.  We had an AMAZING dinner at their house and then just sat around talking and catching up for a few hours.  It was a nice treat!  I also treated myself to a pedicure, mainly to get all the dry skin and jagged edges cleared up.  We went to church one evening, in a really neat church that meets in multiple buildings at the same time to allow for diverse styles of music/worship.  Very cool!

When I left to come home, I gave up my seat for a $300 travel voucher on United.  They put me up in a sketchy hotel and flew me home the next morning.  The only problem?  They jacked the flight home up and I landed too late to catch my flight to Florida on Southwest, who was extremely unhelpful because it wasn’t their airline.  Instead of paying the $368 to change my flight last minute, I decided not to go.  Way lame and I felt terrible for my little sister, but we’re re-scheduling for sometime later this spring.  In the meantime I’m using these few days off to get stuff done at home.  So there you have it!


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