Happy and Helpful in Hotlanta

Saturday morning I flew down to Atlanta and picked up my rental car. The first happy experience of this trip because instead of a tiny Kia Rio, I got a bigger Chevy Captiva, an SUV! Not necessary at all, but kind of fun to drive around. I drove up to Duluth and stopped at the Chick-fil-a Dwarf House for lunch. It’s a full sit-down restaurant and even has a tiny house attached that you can duck through. Love it! After that I had about an hour to kill so I punched “parks” into Ellen (my GPS) and ended up at McDaniel Farm Park. It was gorgeous outside so I just walked around soaking up the sun.

Then it was off to the big event of the trip, the SEC gymnastics championship meet at the Gwinnett Center. AMAZING!! I was actually kind of glad to be there alone because there was so much going on at once that it was hard for me to keep up, much less explain it to someone else. I’ve been following and watching these teams all year so it was awesome to see it in person. The favorites going in were Alabama and Georgia, but Florida managed to come from behind and win in the last rotation. Seeing NCAA gymnastics live was on my bucket list and I can happily say that I crossed that off!

Today was spent running around with my college friend Megan, getting ready for her wedding in three weeks. I’m the maid of honor and generally feel like I’m doing a terrible job because I live so far away. So we got my shoes, bought some stuff she needed, and then got to work. There were several craft projects that we finished up, lists that we made (you all know how good I am at lists), and just basically tied up some loose ends. I can’t wait to be back here and be a part of their special weekend! For now, I’m going to enjoy my last few hours here and then fly home
In the morning. Have a great week!


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