Super Spring Cleaning

This weekend was awesome, very relaxing and extremely productive.  I filed my taxes Saturday morning with very little difficulty, and am excited to have two refunds coming my way!  Before that, mom helped me go through a bunch of stuff I had cleared out of my house and sort it into “donate”, “trash” or “yard sale” piles.  I currently have eight bags of clothes sitting on the step for Purple Heart Donation!

The low point of the weekend was my run this morning, because I felt my IT band tweak as I ran.  This is the same issue I had when training for the half marathon last fall, but it’s my right leg instead of my left.  And it hurts like a mother.  I have been stretching, icing, advil-ing, but it just hurts.  I get about two miles into my run, and it starts stabbing.  So I walk, then I try to run again and it kinda gives out, so I walk.  Ugh.  Guess I need to take a few days off running, but that is annoying.

Oh, and I got groceries!  I did a great job of only buying healthy things (like edamame!) and have already portioned out my snack foods into servings.  And made sandwiches for the week, so I’m all ready to go.  I also sorted through a bunch of stuff in my craft room/office, which was fun.  This week is going to be another busy one for me, but hopefully I’ll get a lot done.  I’ll have to figure out how to work out though because I’ve been eating a ton lately and want to stay in shape.  Anyway, enough rambling for one night… have a great week everyone!

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