This was a Down Weekend?

Going into this weekend, if you’d asked me what I was doing, I would’ve said “not much”.  Which is true, in the grand scheme of my life right now, but thinking about it now, it was really quite busy.  Friday evening I spent at home, just organizing stuff and watching the movie 50/50, which was alright but fairly predictable.  I balanced my financial statements and brainstormed summer plans.  Nothing major to report yet. Oh, and I got Funshine washed and stopped by Zinga for a strawberry/banana swirl frozen yogurt, which I topped with mango pieces.  So good!

Saturday morning, I got up early and Mom picked me up to head over for my 5-mile race.  We saw some friends before and after the race, which was fun.  It was SO cold though and I definitely didn’t grab the right amount of clothing, but whatever.  The race was to raise money for the National Children’s Hospital, helping me fulfill one of my 2012 Goals.  Going in, I wanted to beat 50 minutes (10 minute miles) but thought I might be faster than that because I’ve been running so well recently.  Mom walked the 1-mile “fun run” while I was running, then cheered me on at the very end.  I felt good the whole race and crossed the line in 43:11, well under my goal!  After a celebratory red velvet cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes (yum!) we headed home.

After a quick shower to warm up, it was off to Mom’s to tackle her taxes.  This took about three hours, gave me a headache, and deterred me from attempting my own taxes… maybe next weekend?  When I got home, I raked leaves (don’t ask, it’s a pain) and then headed inside to relax.  And take a nap.  Then I motivated myself to cook dinner, like for real.  I browned some chicken and made a homestyle, alfredo-based macaroni and cheese dish.  Not the healthiest ever, but I enjoyed it and have it for leftovers tomorrow!

This morning I slept in, after going to bed early, and then just relaxed for a while.  I met up with the DC girls for lunch at Nando’s Peri Peri near the Verizon Center.   It was SO good!  I had a chicken pita and chose the mango and lime seasoning on my chicken.  Delicious, really.  Then we walked over to the International Spy Museum, where I had a Groupon, and spent a few hours exploring.  I’ve learned long ago that I can’t read tons of stuff in museums like that, but I love interactive computer games, and videos.  Actually a decent museum, but a little expensive if you don’t have a discount.  When I got home I sat out on the deck for a little while to try and add some color to my very pale skin.  And now, I’m watching Selection Sunday and theoretically grading essays.

All-in-all, a great weekend and the kind that I like to have!


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  1. Jane
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 17:53:51

    Glad you liked Peri Peri. We all (85 of us) ate there the day after Chris’ and Haley’s wedding since it was a South African restaurant. Easy walking distance from DuPont Circle.

    Sounds like you had a productive weekend and congrats in finishing the race in less time than you though.



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