Happy 100th B’day, Oreos!

A few weeks ago my co-workers and I were discussing how under-rated Tuesdays are, and were also discussing the new Oreos that came out this year to celebrate their birthday.  After a quick Google search, we determined that the official birthday of this delicious cookie was Tuesday, March 6, 1912.  Making today the 100th birthday!  So we sent a quick e-mail to our department and planned an Oreo Feast to be shared by all.  The guys were to bring their favorite type of cookie and the girls were to make a recipe using Oreos.  This isn’t sexist, it’s realistic… at least in our department 🙂

For the record, the birthday Oreo has a filling that tastes like funfetti icing… which I don’t actually happen to like.  But I tried one.  Hands-down the best treat of the day were these chocolate chip cookies that had an Oreo cooked in the middle.  Yum!  I had several… let’s just leave it at that.  We also had a bunch of different styles from chocolate filling to peanut butter to mint to double stuffed.  And then our department chair deep-fried each type. Heaven.

We also had some truffles and some marshmallow-y bars that were delicious.  Oh, and this stuff that was like peppermint bark, but was made with Oreos instead.  I made a no-bake pudding pie-type thing that was quick and easy.  And how could I forget my favorite dessert growing up, Dirt Dessert?  So good.  Needless to say, I ate nothing but Oreo-based products all day.  And my stomach was none too pleased with me, but hey, how often does your favorite cookie turn 100?


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