Food Frustrations

I really want to eat healthy, I promise.  I do a great job in the morning and at lunch, usually eating fruit/protein with my cereal and then a good chicken salad with popcorn for dessert.  My problems begin when I leave school.  They also begin when cute little girls in uniforms knock on my door.  Before you think I’m a creeper, let me clarify that I mean Girl Scouts.  Selling cookies.  Once I open a box, I literally cannot stop.  It’s insane.  No more cookies for me, ever.  At least from the Girl Scouts.

Another thing I struggle with is gearing up to cook for myself for numerous reasons:

1. It’s just not fun to cook alone.

2. It’s such a hassle to get all the ingredients and cook it all, then have all these leftovers that never get eaten because you get sick of the dish before it’s gone.

3. I want to eat cool/healthy things like sushi or seafood dishes or I don’t know, something other than boring defaults.  Problem is, I don’t know how to cook it and/or there aren’t good fresh ingredients here.

4. It’s just not fun to cook alone. That’s the bottom line.

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