Spontaneity in Sin City

So when my plane touched down I was in San Diego, CA.  It was almost midnight and I was exhausted.  One of my high school friends picked me up and we crashed at his place just north of the city.  Sunday we woke up early (I was too excited to sleep) and hit the road to Sin City, aka Las Vegas!!  Crossing into Nevada on the way there fulfilled 2012 goal #6 and brought my total number of states up to 48.  So excited!

After checking in to the Luxor (the big pyramid) we hit the strip and started exploring.  We didn’t have a real plan and just wandered around, meeting up with some other guys Brian knew.  I’ve never really gambled, except for betting on horses at Charles town Races and Slots, so we started off easy with a Blackjack table.  It quickly became a beginners table and our dealer Mary Jane was extremely helpful.  I even ended up ahead!  At some point we passed the Bellagio and watched the fountain show… and the very creative homeless people on the strip.


That night we hit up Lavo, an upscale club.  It was nice to get to dress up in this smashing outfit I had, but the late-night, drunken, crowded dancing was really not my thing.  It was extremely entertaining to watch though!  Monday morning we set off exploring again (Goal #10) and grabbed some cheap margaritas, then played some beer pong, gambled at a few more tables, etc.  It was just fun to wander around, head into new places, talk to people.  We got to know the dealers, like Stacy, and the people we were playing with.  Even had a “Virginia” table at one point when we realized all of us had some connection to the state. This was probably the most fun day I’d had in a while.

Tuesday we got up and hit the gym for a quick workout, then checked out of the hotel.  But we still had food credit, so we went down to the all-you-can-eat buffet.  It was SO good to just eat and try foods I don’t normally let myself eat.  And we just hung out and chatted, very relaxing.  Then we moved to Circus Circus to check that out, since we hadn’t made it the day before.  Spent a few hours playing carnival games with kids, watching the free shows, etc.  It was getting late, so we decided to see a show before we left.  Best decision ever!

We decided on Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace.  It was hilarious, entertaining, and incredible.  The humor was a little crude, but we knew that going in and I couldn’t stop laughing.  The acts were exciting and daring… and right on top of us!  The show was in a tent in the plaza and was very small so the action was right there.  Really a great show, I highly recommend it.  After the show we rolled out into the night, but you’ll have to wait to see where we were headed next 🙂

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