Fighting the February Funk

It’s February.  Usually I totally hate this month.  This year I’ve been too busy to hate it… and it really hasn’t been that bad!  I’m more worried about March because we don’t get any days off.  I also think that I’ve done a good job of planning fun things for myself to do.  Movies with the girls, weekend trips to Wintergreen, basketball games at school, etc.

I’ve also been working out a lot at the gym, trying to stay in shape without freezing outside.  I kind of want to do a triathlon this spring/summer, but for now I’ll stick to the elliptical, pool, and stationary bikes where it’s warm.

In other news, I’m heading to Virginia Beach tomorrow for the State Gymnastics Meet with my two girls and assistant coach.  Traveling with high school students is always an adventure as the world of road-tripping is so new to them.  Things like Sheetz, rest areas, hotel rooms with adjoining doors, indoor pools, etc. are so exciting for them which makes it exciting for me.

Then, to cap off the long weekend I’m heading off on a spontaneous, surprise (for you all) trip!  I’ll fill you in when I get back but let’s just say it involves flying, friends, and fun 🙂  If you know where I’m going, don’t ruin it for everyone else.  Happy President’s Day!!


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