I love palindromes, like today!

In other news, I went to roller derby on Saturday at the DC Armory with some friends.  We had no idea what we were getting into and it was actually kind of cool.  The crowd got really into it and I decided to cheer for the underdogs in both “bouts”.  That was the Majority Whips and the DC DemonCats (aren’t their names witty?).  The winners were the Cherry Blossom Bombshells and Scare Force One.  Whose names were not nearly as cool, but their skating skills were amazing.  This one chick was so skinny and would just zoom through all blockers when she was the jammer.  That’s right, I know the lingo now.  Anyway, definitely a good use of my time and worth the trip to DC!

I also went to UVA last night (yes, on a Tuesday) for the boys basketball game vs. Clemson.  I met a friend there and we tried out Brixx Oven Pizza before the game.  Very good, very healthy – with whole wheat dough and olive oil bases.  Their raspberry margaritas were delicious too.  After dinner, we ran to the game and settled in.  Our guys were a little slow to start, but picked it up in the second half and pulled out the win!  After the game, we both headed home on route 29… what a great way to spice up the middle of the week.

Now, time to work on sending some snail mail and writing good luck notes for my gymnastics… Districts tomorrow!

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