Making Progress and Flipping Out

The title has two meanings, let’s do the simple one first.  My gymnastics team is heading into the post season with Districts next Thursday night.  My girls have been working SO hard and improving an every event.  I’ve now had six of the eleven qualify for Regionals (which is more than we’ve ever had!) and we’ve smashed the school record for team score.  We’ve also set school records on three events individually this year.  It’s insane.

Going into Districts we’re in a tight race for second place and I am starting to get nervous.  I want the girls to step up and perform on the day it matters most for the team, at Districts.  From my best athletes down to the girls that are just honored to compete.  Then, I want the individuals to perform for themselves the following week at Regionals and hopefully qualify to States… I just hope I have the coaching ability in me to guide them to their dreams!

Okay, the second half of this post is about myself and my 2012 Goals.  I have done really well so far, and am so excited about the next few months.  I don’t want to get into too many details now, because I want to keep you guessing 🙂  But, I currently have plans in motion for Goal #2, Goal #5, Goal #6, Goal #7, Goal #9, and Goal #12.  Some of those I’ve already worked on before, and do you like how I listed them by numbers, so now you’ll have to go back and check the goals post?  I’m such a tease… kidding.  But really, check it out and feel free to guess what I’m planning!

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