#7 Attend More Live Sporting Events

Saturday, I braved the Metro (with a little help from a friend) and headed down to George Washington University for their gymnastics invitational.  GW competed against Cornell, Temple, UNC, W&M, and UPenn.  It is incredible to watch collegiate gymnastics, the girls are so focused, so organized, so precise.  I wish I could’ve taken my girls again this year (we’ve gone in the past) so they could see the teamwork and support the athletes give each other.  They fight to stay on, they fight to stick their landings, they push to be perfect.  My team could use a few of those qualities.

Last night, I ventured back into D.C. (twice in one week!) with a co-worker to meet up with another friend.  We started the evening at La Tasca for tapas and sangria.  I’m not a big wine fan, but when berries and mangos are mixed in, it’s pretty good!  We got a few dishes and shared them… let’s see, a paella with sausage, lamb, chicken skewers, spinach salad, and… oh yeah a garlic cheese bread.

But that’s not the sports part of the night.  The reason we were down there to begin with was to go to the Washington Capitals game.  I should pause for a moment and apologize to all Caps fans out there… I think I was bad luck.  They lost 0-3 to the Islanders (who apparently aren’t that good).  But we had good seats, got to cheer for the mini hockey kids who played, and just had a lot of fun with all of the entertainment of the night.  I was my first hockey game in a while, so I enjoyed it!

On another sports note, I got back in the pool today for the first time in a long while.  I just had the urge to swim and it reminded me how much I love it.  The pool was super crowded with little kids learning how to swim, and I felt out of shape.  But at least I went!  Our gym is being renovated right now (how dumb is that?) so I did a quick elliptical workout then called it a day as the “after-work” crowd starting to flow in.  Might have to look for a sprint triathlon this spring or summer… Anyway, happy exam week!


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