Observations of the Day

We had the day off of school today, which was awesome for me because I got to sleep in (well, until practice at 8am).  I also got another day to get things done.  While I was running around today, I had several realizations.  And I thought I’d share them with you.

First, at Chick-fil-a they always say “my pleasure”.  And it makes me smile every single time. Every time. Which usually results in them thinking that I’m laughing at them, or if they are men, that I’m borderline hitting on them.  Neither is the case.  That phrase is just so cute to me and I will continue to smile each and every time I hear it 🙂

Second, it is frustrating to me that some stores (ie: Target) have certain articles of clothing that they only sell online and others that they only sell in stores.  I’m not talking about those items that are sold out one place or the other, I’m talking about ones that are literally never sold in one place or the other.  How am I supposed to know if the online ones will fit if I can’t try them on and am I supposed to drive from store-to-store if they are out of my size in the stores?  Insane.

Third, I just finished taking down the Christmas decorations.  That’s pretty good for me!  The issue here is that I just can’t bring myself to put out the winter decorations.  I have TONS of snowman items that I think are super cute.  But let’s be honest, we haven’t had any snow and there is none predicted in the future.  I haven’t even worn gloves this winter yet!  While I’m still holding out for a March blizzard, I may yet hold off on decorating… don’t want to give myself any false hope.

That’s all for now, guess I’ll go back to my to-do list and avoid shopping so I can stick to my “Christmas” budget.


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  1. Kevin Ford
    Jan 17, 2012 @ 09:42:15

    Chick-Fil-A employees are forced to say my motto, it’s part of company policy. So hey, I guess if it makes you smile they’re on to something.



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