#11 Downsize (By Living Off Christmas)

So this goal was to get rid of stuff in my house.  I’ve kind of put a little twist on this for January, just for fun.  I have decided to try to live off of Christmas for the month.  Meaning, I will only spend or use up what I got for Christmas.  Obviously, this doesn’t include mortgage or bills.  But for food, entertainment, clothes, etc. I will only use the money I got in checks or gift cards from my family and students.

Now, those of you who gave me gifts for Christmas, let me assure you that I am very grateful and I will NOT be returning any of your gifts (other than the duplicate bike helmet I got).  I usually have a policy against buying anything on my birthday/Christmas list in December but I didn’t do a very good job of that this year.  So I have returned a few items I had already purchased, not used, and then got better items of as gifts.  So I generated a few merchandise credits from that.  I have also cleared out my closet of items I bought in the last few months but haven’t worn yet, so I figure I must not actually like them all that much.  Back they go.

This goal will also force me to try to use up stuff in my kitchen.  I took some leftovers from our New Year’s Open House and have been eating those for lunches.  I have eaten up a box of rice Chex that have been sitting in my pantry, I’m eating up hotdog buns with Italian sausage, and making smoothies from the frozen fruit in my freezer.  Instead of looking at the food and feeling uninterested, I feel inspired to figure out a way to make a meal.  I have plenty of pasta and frozen meat, I just have to get off the couch and make dinner.

As far as other meals or items I need, my students were amazing this year and gave me gift cards to Panera Bread, Subway, Wal-mart, and Chick-fil-a so I will choose those stores to eat at when I do need or want to eat out.  And I will get any groceries I need at Wal-Mart.  So this is a way to make sure I am using the gifts I’ve been given, and it will hopefully give me the chance to clear some stuff out of my kitchen that needs to go.  We’ll see how it goes, should help me start on my “Downsize” goal!


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