#3 Find Workout Buddies

The first of my goals that I’ve actually started working on this year!  I have been rock climbing twice this week. Once in Sterling with my former assistant coach (and her husband) and once in Alexandria with several of my college friends.  I’ve bouldered for years (shorter walls, no harness or ropes).  But now I’ve really gotten hooked on the big walls!  We took an intro class today, which was a lot of repeat for me, but will allow me to take my belay test the next time I climb.  Which opens up a bunch of opportunities for me to climb with other people, whenever I want!

I’ve ordered a harness, I’m researching new shoes, and I’m excited!  I know a number of people at the Sterling gym and can’t wait to get into the habit of climbing there again.  It is a very friendly, social place and will certainly help me reach this goal!  So, if any of you want to go climb… let me know!  This renewed interest in climbing is perfect timing because my home gym is undergoing renovations (who thought that was a good idea in the cold of winter?).

Hopefully I will go often enough that I’ll improve and get a good arm workout in while I’m at it.  Toning my arms is always something I want to do, because most of my other workouts are legs… and catching up with friends is a nice bonus as you take turns climbing, belaying, and resting.  More updates to come, but that’s where I’m at now.


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  1. Jane
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 09:58:45

    When you go to WG, let us know. Both Jeff and Amber rock climb and know many of the good spots in our area. Good luck with your goals.



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