After Midnight on the Mall

Christmas was great, I’ll get back to family stories in future blogs… read about the beginning of break in my update blog. But now, for the Mall story.  So last night, I met up with some of my favorite friends from high school at O’Faolain’s (it will be spelled differently every time you see it and I don’t care).  We hung out for a few hours, shared stories of times gone by, and just had a really nice time.  Three of us stuck it out until closing time (2 am) just talking and catching up.  Then, we weren’t ready to go home yet so we brainstormed ideas of what to do next.  Because going to sleep, when I had to be up at 7am for gymnastics didn’t even cross my mind.

Our suggestions were: slurpees at 7-11 across from O’Falians, road-trip to Sheetz in Leesburg for MTO, or see the National Christmas Tree in the city.  Clearly, the least logical one is the option we picked, but we did go to 7-11 first.  I drove and we got into town in record time because there was NO traffic (imagine that!).  The first issue we had was the construction on Constitution, which really limited parking options.  Once we parked, we then realized the tree isn’t actually lit 24-7.  Which I guessed might be a problem, but we still took pictures and saw the menorah anyway.

Then, we drove around and around the memorials.  Parking again being an issue because all the sketchy, middle-of-nowhere parking lots by them are closed after 1am to prevent people camping out and/or drug deals and/or attacks.  But we saw a bunch of them!  Then we hit the Capitol and actually parked and ran all around it.  Much to the amusement of the night security.   Another disappointment for me was that my camera sucks.  I know it was dark and the flash won’t carry, but whatever, I still need to get a nicer camera.  Note to self.

After the Capitol, we got back in the car and drove home.  It was 4:21 when I crawled into bed and my alarm went off at 6:56… so needless to say, I should be passed out asleep right now.  But I’m not!  It was just such a fun, spontaneous evening (night/morning) and I enjoyed it.  My high school friends are starting to head back to their real homes now, which makes me sad because I love them all… but alas, there will be more holidays!


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