Winter Break Update

This is just a quick post, but I wanted to assure all of you that have expressed concern about my ornaments (or lack there of) that I have indeed finished decorating my tree.  I have also wrapped 45-50 gifts for my family and friends.  And I have just completed four batches of “Chex Mix” aka “Muddy Buddies” aka “Reindeer Poop”… or whatever else it is that y’all call it.  I’m officially ready for Christmas and can’t wait for church tomorrow night and presents on Sunday!!

I have also spent a lot of time with my adorable niece.  Brother’s family got in Wednesday night and we have spent a lot of time together.  My sister-in-law wanted to cook a full Christmas dinner, which we never do, so she did that yesterday.  My job was to help entertain my niece and taste-test everything… okay, so I came up with the second one on my own.  Anyway, we walked around the neighborhood, went to the playground, played in the house, filled the bird feeder, and ate a lot of food.  She’s 14 months old, walking, and trying to talk/sign to communicate.  Basically, she’s really fun to be around.

She’s also really tiring and I have passed out “early” both nights they’ve been in Virginia.  Tonight, the middle generation is going to an improv comedy show some of my high school friends put on at the theater they own in Leesburg.  Should be fun!  More updates about winter break are sure to come, but probably not until Monday so… MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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