Whirlwind Weekend

This past weekend I had a fantastic time and felt so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life.  Friday night was our work holiday party, which was a lot of fun!  Mama Lucci’s, an Italian restaurant in Leesburg, catered and we all just relaxed.  My department was well represented and spent most of the evening making fun of each other 🙂  I hope we do this again next year, because it was really fun to get dressed up and hang out together!

Saturday I got up early and drove to Newport News for lunch with my grandparents (on Dad’s side).  We toured their retirement home to see the holiday decorations, then grabbed a quick bite in their cafe.  It was delicious and very nice to see them again!

Then it was on to Virginia Beach for my friends’ wedding.  She teaches with me and has become one of my closest friends in Ashburn.  I was so happy to share in her special day, especially after hearing about all planning for so long!  The ceremony was on Dam Neck Naval Base with the reception at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.  Everything was wonderful, from the decorations to the singing to the DJ to the company.  Highlights for me were the chicken and goat cheese quesadillas during cocktail hour, sitting at table 3 aka the table of misfit toys, learning how to dance the wobble, and just seeing the bride and groom so happy surrounded by their family and friends!

Me and the Bride

Once the afternoon wedding and reception wrapped up, I hit the road again!  This time I was off to Richmond for my college friends’ Christmas party.  Their parents are so kind and open their homes to us each year.  Many of my college friends were able to come this year and we spent the night catching up, playing Rock Band, and just having a good time.  I wish with all my heart that we could get together more often, but the infrequency makes our times together that much more special.  We all just feel so comfortable with each other and there are enough of us that we can bounce around and catch up with one or two at a time and really reconnect.  This was the third time this year we’ve gotten together and we’ll all see each other again in April for a wedding… incredible!  I love you guys 🙂

Hanging Out With the Gang

After a late night (or early morning), I got up to meet my cousins and aunt for “brunch”.  By the time we all woke up and ended up in the same place, it was noon.  But the short walk to lunch was worth it.  I had french toast and home fries that were incredible!  Again, we just sat around and talked about our lives.  My cousins are ages 24, 22, 20, and 16… hard to believe, but it’s fun to live vicariously through them and their adventures! We didn’t have enough time together, but I had to hit the road to get home in time to stuff Mom’s Christmas letters before I collapsed from exhaustion.

More pictures up on Facebook… Best. Weekend. Ever.


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