Thoughts in My Head

1. I want to take my students on an international trip, but I feel guilty going through the education tours programs that over-charge them.  Suggestions?

2. I want to go to Africa next summer.  For like a month.  And see wild animals. On a safari. And possibly go to the pyramids. Or jump off a waterfall.

3. I have zero green wrapping paper.  Tons of red and white and blue… and some with green accents, but none that are dominantly green.  I wonder what that says about me as a person? Probably that I don’t really like the color green.  But I tend to like it more than red, weird.

4. I might not get around to putting ornaments on my Christmas tree, and I might be okay with that.  It’s the lights that are the most enjoyable to me, because I don’t have to turn the main lights on but I can still see.  Even at work I turn the overhead lights on as little as possible, and my kids call me out on it all the time.

5. Tomorrow morning I’m going for a run, I just wish it was a little warmer.  Or that I had a good running vest that actually kept me warm.  And crap, I have a faculty meeting in the morning which means I’m getting up super early.  If only my laundry would finish so I could go to sleep now!

6. My two favorite country songs right now are “Crazy Girl” and “Don’t Want this Night to End”.  I would strongly consider marrying (or maybe just dating, let’s be honest) any guy that sang either one to me.  If he was playing along on his guitar too. And standing on a beach. With a cowboy hat on…  I should stop before this gets creepy.

7. I’m going to end on an odd number right now, because that’s different for me.  I just felt like typing what was going on in my head, giving you a little taste of me at 10:46pm on a Thursday night.  When I haven’t slept enough and I have too many lists going on in my head.  Like what to pack for this weekend… check back Monday night for the stories, they should be good!


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