T-Minus 21 and Counting

There are 21 days until Christmas.  And 21 is one of my favorite numbers (along with 2 and 12, see a theme?) so I decided to make a list of 21 things I like about the month of December.  This is a “brain-dump” blog, aka I’m just going to type what pops into my head and not think about it.  My students love this technique as they don’t have to be good ideas (or correct information) because they will go back to edit or correct the list later. However, I will just hit “Publish” so enjoy and happy holidays!!

1. My birthday

2. Cheesy holiday movies on TV

3. Wrapping presents

4. Making “muddy buddies” or “Chex mix”

5. Singing “Silent Night” in the candlelight on Christmas Eve

6. Getting a week off of school

7. Gymnastics meets begin

8. Snow (or at least the chance of it)

9. Monkey bread on Christmas morning

10. Christmas music EVERYWHERE

11. Christmas lights on all the houses

12. Seeing my friends when they come home

13. Skiing and snowboarding and tubing

14. Getting to know my gymnasts

15. Taking naps under the Christmas tree

16. Curling ribbons for packages

17. New Years’ Eve

18. People watching at shopping malls

19. Staying up too late reading and sleeping in

20. Holiday parties with friends

21. Visiting family all over the state


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