I’m Thankful for… “Free Time”

I’m obviously thankful for many other things, but I’m going to be brutally honest.  The best thing about this week has been five glorious days off.  That doesn’t mean I’ve done nothing (those of you who know me, know that’s not possible) and it hasn’t all been fun and games, but it was needed.  I just needed to relax, be on my own schedule, get some stuff done that I’ve been putting off, etc.

I started the break with a list (shocking, I know!) that was broken into two sections.  The top part was items I needed to do for work and it was 18 items long.  As of 4:55pm on Sunday I have accomplished nine of them and decided that four need to wait until I’m at work with those resources, documents, etc.  So I have the potential to do five more items this evening… I don’t see that happening and I’m completely okay with that.  Not that I don’t love my job, but my kids got the week off, so I should too!  And I know I’ll have time during school Monday and Tuesday to tie up those last few items.

The second section of my “to-do” list was things I needed and/or wanted to do in life.  This had 22 items broken up into three sub-categories (are you starting to see my OCD tendencies?) which were: mandatory things, things at mom’s house, and potential things.  I have crossed off every single item on the list because surprisingly, update my blog, wasn’t even on there!  Mom’s part of the list was easy: blow the leaves, clean the gutters, store the screen door, fill the bird feeder, and join her for Thanksgiving day in Maryland.  I knocked the first four out in a two-hour season yesterday when we were blessed with gorgeous weather!  The last item was more a reminder to me that we were going up to visit my cousins.  We had a great time and both really appreciated not having to cook dinner for ourselves 🙂

The mandatory section of my list was not so much fun but also done fairly easily.  I won’t bore you with details, but basically it was laundry, groceries, yard work, haircut, balance accounts, etc.  I did these things sporadically throughout the week and often rewarded myself with a fun activity afterwards.  The last section was the one I was less sure on.  These things were fun/optional activities I came up with to keep myself busy and/or fill all the empty time I had that I’m not used to.  For example, I played Wii Fit for the first time in almost a year… for over two hours one night.  I put a few items up for sale on Craigslist because they’re just taking up space in my house.  I gathered a TON of clothes and smaller items to donate to Purple Heart, which have been sitting in my guest room closet for months.  I decorated for the holidays (yay!!) and did my holiday cards (a little early, I know… but again, I had time!).

In the middle of all of that I met up with some friends I haven’t seen in years, spent yesterday watching the Cavaliers lose (yet again) with another group of friends, and worked out a decent amount.  Those were the moments I probably enjoyed the most, because I got more hugs in those few hours than I have in a while.  I’m a sucker for hugs, especially from people who have known me for so long and just understand.  My only negative comment about my use of “free time”?  I didn’t run at all.  I couldn’t do it.  Which is only a problem because I’m supposedly running a 10K in December with my family.  I just don’t enjoy it and it’s been cold and dark and it’s just boring.  I’ve biked, done the elliptical, hiked, and worked out in other ways… I just can’t bring myself to run.  Any suggestions or inspiration would be greatly appreciated.

Happy holidays to you all and enjoy the best six weeks of the year!!


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  1. Jen Bergmark
    Nov 28, 2011 @ 07:21:59

    Karen, enjoyed your blog and I so appreciate your list making skills! They have already come in quite handy with the beginnings of planning our high school reunion, your OCD tendencies will come in quite handy as we start getting our hands dirty coordinating this thing! I’ve been “busy” resting up as well and now that we’re both temporarily rested up, I’ll be giving you a call so we can get right into it 🙂

    Jen Bergmark



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