It’s About Flippin’ Time!

I crack myself up 🙂 But yes, this means that gymnastics season has started again at school.  First, a few changes this year: we worked out our practice schedule so we practice every day immediately after school.  This is amazing!  It means I can be home by 6:30 most nights, instead of after 8 like previous years.  Another change is that I have a new assistant coach, who is another Social Studies teacher at our school.  She has dance, cheer leading, Pilates, yoga, etc. experience and has been doing a great job catching on to the gymnastics side of things.

A final change is that we had to make cuts this year, which was both good and bad.  Good because it meant 17 girls came out for the team and were interested.  Bad because it meant we had to make some tough decisions and let some girls go.  This isn’t something I’m used to and I felt guilty.  But After three days of try-outs with that many girls in our limited gym space, I knew it was the right decision.  We will be able to spend more time with the girls we kept and hopefully help them meet our goals for the season.  The talent on the team this year has gone up significantly from the past too, which I’m excited to see translate into meets and success!

Our team is also more diverse this year.  We’ve got a good mix of all four grade levels represented.  We also have a German exchange student, a Russian native, black, white, Indian, twins… A great group of girls, really.  This part of the season is the crunch time though as we try to strengthen core muscles in the girls and create their routines.  We also lost a week of practice due to scheduling conflicts in the gym, but will be practicing through Thanksgiving break to get ourselves ready.  Their first meet is Saturday, December 10th and is an invitational, so we’ll really get to see how they perform then.

The only downside to gymnastics season starting?  It is a rare day that I get to be outside during the daylight hours.  But I guess I’ll live… Get excited for the holiday season and have a great week everyone!


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