Flip Burger Boutique

Atlanta, GA

It has been a LONG while since I’ve done a restaurant review.  Partly because I haven’t been eating out a ton lately and partly because I’ve been too busy.  But this warrants a post for sure.  I spent this weekend in Atlanta visiting friends and helping them plan their upcoming wedding.  Last night we tried out Flip Burger because they were raving about it.

If any of you watch Top Chef, you’ll recognize the chef – Richard Blais, who just won season 8 of the show!  I’m not going to lie, I was excited to try it out because he does some crazy stuff in the kitchen.  I’m not a hamburger person, so I went for the Turkey Burger which was topped with Monterrey cheese, avocado, and alfalfa sprouts… I left off the tomatoes and pomegranate ketchup because of my aversion to tomatoes.  Even though the ketchup was intriguing.

It was amazing.  So good. The flavors mixed nicely in my mouth with the cool, crunch, warm, sweet, etc… just amazing.  Sorry Fuddruckers, this topped you.  What made it even better?  I got a side of sweet potato TOTS.  This combined one of my current favorite sides (sweet potato fries) and one of my childhood favorites (tater tots).  And it came with a marshmallow foam sauce to dip them in.  Hello, heaven 🙂  Amazing.

I also sampled some house-made french fries, which were great, and the Mad Scientist milkshake.  It was a red velvet milkshake with Oreos and pop rocks on top, yum!  All weekend I ate too much candy, so I passed on getting a milkshake of my own, but gosh darn was it good.  And in true Richard Blais fashion, they were instantly frozen with liquid nitrogen.  How cool is that?!  Next time, I’ll save room for sure!

One final note: playing off the name “Flip Burger” the booths are big, white cushions with high backs.  But then there is another whole bench upside-down on top, suspended from the ceiling.  With a table hung up there too… so the whole booth is essentially “flipped” and on the ceiling. Incredible.

Bottom line: I wish there was a Flip Burger near me.  And if you’re anywhere near Atlanta (or Birmingham, AL) in the future, check it out!


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