In 1492, Columbus Did His Thing

Because of that, I didn’t have to work yesterday!  This was an interested long weekend to say the least.  It started with a lazy Friday night, I was extremely tired.  But my boyfriend and I ventured to the UPS drop box, several Post offices, and eventually to dinner.  We ate at Cosi’s in Reston Town Center, which I would in theory write-up in a Restaurant Review… but let’s be honest, I don’t have time for that right now.  I had their individual brick oven pepperoni pizza.  It was incredible.  Not so good re-heated on Sunday, just fyi.

Saturday, Mom and I jumped in the car and drove to Williamsburg where I dropped her off and headed on to Virginia Beach for a friend’s bridal shower.  We had a great time celebrating all day and into the night.  Sunday morning, I was back in the car early to make it to church on time with my grandparents and Mom.  We then had an amazing lunch/brunch at their dining hall.  I had fruit as an appetizer (fresh pineapple, cantaloupe, and strawberries!) then opted for the breakfast side of things.  Sausage links, home fried potatoes, and blueberry scones… two plates full. Oh, and a side of shrimp scampi both times, yum! Then a chocolate chip cookie and rainbow sherbet for dessert.  If only I could eat like that every day… but I’d probably gain weight like crazy!

We hit the road in the afternoon and made it home without too much traffic.  Sunday evening I caught up on my e-mails, grading for school, and saw how terribly I did in my football picks for the week.  Monday was my bonus day and we had every intention of going to the zoo.  However, my boyfriend is sick as a dog this week so we had a later start.  Then, the Orange Line of the Metro (which I hate anyway) had construction so parts of it were closed.  We decided to just drive in, but after spending 25 minutes circling the zoo looking for parking, gave up and headed home.  The rest of the day was spent grading papers and just relaxing.

So thanks to good old Chris for discovering America and giving me a day off of work!


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