Fall is Flooding in

Aside from the obviously reference to the rains that never seem to stop, I’m talking about my chaotic life.  School has only been back in session for four weeks and already I’ve got a lot going on.  I’ve already referenced most of the school activities in my earlier post.  But my weekends are starting to fill with fun things too!

Between now and when gymnastics starts (Nov. 7th) I have plans to do the following things:

– attend a UVA football game

– watch A LOT of high school, college, and NFL football

– go to a baby shower


– go to a bridal shower

– visit the national zoo

– chaperone the Homecoming dance

– fly to ATL to help plan a wedding

– hike Old Rag during work (best field trip ever!)

So while my September has been a little mundane, at least by my standards, my October and early November are looking good!  I’m also continuing to research where to go on my big trip this summer.  I really want to leave the country.  For a long time 🙂 In other news, I think I decided on an assistant gymnastics coach today, not sure but the meeting went well!  Anyway, I hope you all are staying warm and dry… thanks for reading!


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