Apples Don’t Fall Far…

Last night was back-to-school night at our high school.  In the past this has been a chaotic night as the parents of our entire school population crowd the hallways and try to find their way.  This year we got smarter and split our parents into two nights, freshmen/sophomore parents this week and junior/senior parents next week.  This works out great for me because I don’t have to go next week since I only teach the little guys!

So we get five minutes which each group of parents then they rotate to the next class, following their kids’ schedule.  It went well for me, but there are some things we observed last night:

– the kids who come to class late, have parents that run late also.

– the kids who text on their phones in class, have parents that check their Blackberry constantly.

– the kids who “can’t find the classroom”, have parents wandering around lost well after the session has started.

– the kids who sit in the front and hang on my every word, have parents that diligently take notes during my spiel.

– the kids who tend to be “chatty Cathy’s”, have parents that sit in the back and catch up with their friends like they’re out to dinner.

– the kids who brown-nose, have parents that applaud my organizational skills in the middle of my presentation.

– the kids who skip class and fake illness to avoid school, have parents that don’t bother showing up to support their students and meet the teachers.

As you can see, not only do the parents learn a lot about us teachers on back-to-school night, but we learn A LOT about them and how our students get to be the charming young adults we know and love.  Welcome back to school everyone!


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