Leesburg, VA (in the Village shopping center on route 7)

Everyone has been raving about this frozen yogurt place that just opened in one of my favorite new shopping centers in the area.  After several attempts to go that were sidelined due to extreme lines, I finally managed to sneak in during the monsoon rains one afternoon this week.  Seconds after walking in, I was overwhelmed with the options of the food and friendliness of the staff.

Luckily, they were prepared to offer me samples.  I asked for pomegranate and mango.  They were both SO good.  As I was trying to pick between the two, my friendly Pinkberry server noticed my hesitation and then blew my mind… I could SWIRL them!  Done. Sold. I just got a mini size to try it out.  Then, there were dozens of toppings to choose from.  All kinds of fruits, granolas, chocolates, candies, etc.  I was still so excited for the yogurt so I passed on all the toppings this time.  It was AMAZING.  So creamy.  So yummy. I can’t wait to go back and try watermelon yogurt and/or toppings!


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