Rock ‘n Roll ‘n Run

Over the weekend I drove down to Virginia Beach with one of my co-workers to run in the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon.  Many of you have been reading about my training the past couple of months… and my injury a few weeks ago.  My goals going into the race were to finish and to run (or at least jog) the entire race.  My secondary goal was to finish in 2:15, but I was fairly confident that wasn’t going to happen after not running for the last two weeks.

So the day started out super early as we got VIP parking and were near the starting line by 5:45 a.m.  We spent the extra time we had grabbing fruit and bagels, dropping off our gear bags, stretching, and finding our corral.  Somehow we managed to be placed in corral 7 out of 20.  There were about 20,000 participants, but it was extremely organized!  My friend’s dad cheered from his policeman post as we took off at 7 a.m. sharp.

The first few miles were good for me, I was caught up in the adrenaline I think.  Then we crossed a bridge and headed up a long stretch of road.  A little after six miles I started to feel my knee throbbing.  Then we turned and headed out into Camp Pendleton.  There were less cheerleaders, bands were more spaced out, and I was starting to feel tired.  I met up with my friend for a short stretch, which helped.  We leap-frogged around each other for a little while.

I’d told myself that whole time, that if I could just make it back to the main road and out of the camp I would make it.  That was the 10-mile marker, so I’d only have a 5K left.  “Only”.  I made it that far and kept on going.  I had been able to keep up right at 11-minute miles for the first seven, but had slowed considerably after that.  My knee was really starting to lock up and let me know it wasn’t happy.  The sun came out too, which made it warmer.  At least the residents were nice enough to spray mists across the road to cool us off.

The last 1.5 miles were back up and over the bridge then down onto the boardwalk.  At about mile 11.5 we hit the uphill of the bridge and my knee was screaming.  But at that point, I didn’t care, I just ran.  When I got on the boardwalk I really wanted to go faster (my lungs were feeling great!) but I couldn’t turn my legs over any faster.  I finally crossed the finish line at 2:35:12.  I met my first two goals and while I would’ve liked to have made it in under 2:30, I was happy.

We met up with my friend’s mom on the boardwalk, got our bags, ice packs (for me), and all the treats they were handing out.  After walking off and on throughout the race, my co-worker was able to power through the last three miles and finished three minutes in front of me.  This was her second half marathon (her first being in Loudoun last June).  After resting, showering, and eating we hit the road and drove home late Sunday night to avoid some of the Labor Day traffic.  Overall, it was a great weekend and I’m glad I did it!

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