Calm Before the Storm(s)

Last weekend I went up to Wintergreen with several of my girlfriends.  Our goal for the weekend was the relax and recharge before school starts (for two of us) and life gets hectic again (for all of us).  Friday night we got up there near dark after NOVA traffic.  We still managed to squeeze in a few games and lots of good conversations before crashing into bed.

Acorns falling on the roof woke me up early.  We all slowly got our act together and hit the beach!  Yes, we were in the mountains but we went into the valley and the lake part of Wintergreen.  After laying out and reading for a while, we couldn’t resist trying out the inflatables.  Us and the ten-year-olds had a blast climbing up and sliding down.  It’s always good to stay in touch with your inner child 🙂

After a picnic lunch and some more fun in the sun, we drove back up the mountain for some mini-golf.  I’ve never played at Wintergreen and it was a fairly simple course, but again we were just enjoying the slow life.  Back at the house we cooked dinner, played a few more games and then lucked out by finding gymnastics on television (two of us were teammates on the UVA team).  Sunday we were up, cleaned and headed home fully relaxed and content with life.

Little did we know this week would involve an earthquake and a hurricane!  I felt the ground move while shopping in our school store.  My thought was that the construction crews across the street were blasting, but it lasted too long for that.  Luckily, we didn’t sustain any damage to our building.  My thoughts go out to Louisa High School though, as they have just announced that their building will not be re-opened this year.  It was a rough first week of school for them, and an unpredictable year lies ahead for both the teachers and the students.  Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.  Oh, and Hurricane Irene is supposedly headed my way as I type… and school starts Monday.  Here we go!


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