Essays and Dances and Students, Oh my!

Today is my last official day of summer. Boo. But I think I did a great job meeting all of my goals and having a lot of fun!  Take a few minutes if you’re interested (or bored at work) to read back through my posts of the summer.  I spent five hours of my last official day of summer at school, in meetings.  Double boo. But that’s okay, I followed that up with a last-minute shoe purchase and relaxing on my couch.  Oh, and I strained my IT band over the weekend, so icing my knee to hopefully nurse it back to health in time for my half marathon also happened.  And getting caught up on my television shows from when I was gone!

Anyway, here’s what is on the plate for this school year.  I’m teaching two sections of Pre-AP (honors) Ancient World History with freshmen and three sections of AP World History with sophomores.  This means I’ll be teaching some of my same students from last year again, which could be interesting.  I am head coaching our gymnastics team for the fifth year, but lost my assistant coach so I’m on the hunt for a replacement if you know anyone!  She was offered a teaching and coaching job at another school in the county, which I told her she couldn’t turn down.

Those are the typical parts of the school year that I’ve done before.  Now for the new stuff!  I will be sponsoring the junior class this year with two of my co-workers.  I’ve sponsored the lower grades before, but this will be an added responsibility as the junior class is responsible for putting on Prom in the spring.  We will also organize the class for the Homecoming spirit week, try to do some philanthropy, and help lead the student body.  We have an amazing group of officers though and it should be a lot of fun!

I have been designated as the “content team leader” for the Pre-AP course, which basically means that I will coordinate all the teachers of that subject and help communicate our ideas and needs to our department chair.  Also, I will have a student teacher in my classroom for the first fifteen weeks of the school year.  He’s enrolled in an online university and all I know about him is that he’s a male and interested in being a Social Studies teacher.

Much more to come on all of my school experiences this year, so get ready to read!


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