Oregon Adventure Days 9-10

Alright, time to wrap up my trip!  Thursday morning we woke up in Newport, OR and headed out earlier than usual.  With a quick stop for some last lighthouse pictures, we started the day at the aquarium.  I love aquariums and this one was no exception.  There was the added excitement of watching my niece experience all of the animals for the first time.  Our favorites were the underwater windows into the seal and sea lion tank and the birds flying around in the atrium.  Below are some of my favorite shots!










After that, we headed on up the coast and stopped here and there for pictures.  When we finally got to Tillamook we explored our last lighthouse of the trip then headed inland.  We stopped at a cheese factory in town, which was SO cool!  Seeing how the big blocks of cheese were produced and then packaged and shipped out was awesome.   After a long drive through Portland traffic, we checked in to our last hotel of the trip.  Early on Friday morning, Mom and I dropped off the rental car and flew home.

I am glad to be back in Virginia for the time being and can’t wait to get back to work.  If you haven’t read the rest of my posts about this trip, check them out!  Also, pictures are up in my Oregon Trip album on Facebook.  Thanks for traveling!


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