Oregon Adventure Days 7-8

Yesterday morning I got up and ran in Bear Creek Park in Medford, OR.  The rest of the day was actually spent in California (oops?).  Since I was so far north, I wanted to hit the Redwood Forest, so we did! We entered near Crescent City, CA and both drove and walked through the big trees.  For those of you not familiar with this area, we were not looking at the Sequoias which are redder and rounder, but the Coastal Redwoods which are taller and grayer.  They were still awesome.

We also saw some lighthouses and SEA LIONS on the coast.  For those of you who have never traveled to San Fransisco with me, I love sea lions!  We were so close I could touch them, but of course they wouldn’t let me.  My niece wasn’t such a fan, but they are very loud creatures, so I don’t blame her.

Last night we stayed in Brookings, OR in a hotel that was quite different than advertised, but it also had the best breakfast to date.  We got food coupons to use at the local restaurant and I had eggs, hash browns, ham, a biscuit and milk… yummy!

We then hit the road again and officially started driving up the Oregon Coast.  Our first stop was at Cape Blanco lighthouse.  Those of you that have never met my mom don’t know that she loves lighthouses.  This one had a tour that told all about it and let you go up into the lens room with the rotating, working lens!  It was actually really interesting to hear about the history of this lighthouse, which has been lit since 1870.

After leaving Cape Blanco we encountered more strange terrain in Oregon when we saw the dunes rising up alongside our road.  Big sand dunes filled the countryside and led down to the rocky shores below.  Oregon beaches are sandy and nice like North Carolina, but have rocks out in the shallow part like Maine.  It’s a little strange.  But we got to walk on the beach and enjoy the cold water this afternoon.  My niece even had dinner on the beach!  The rest of us had Chinese food in the hotel room while she was falling asleep.  We’re in Newport and have plans to explore the aquarium before we leave town and head back to Portland tomorrow!


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