Oregon Adventure Days 5-6

First, I promised you an update on how our races went yesterday in Bend, OR.  My sister-in-law started her marathon at 7:00 and (after cheering her on at the 3-mile marker) I started my 7-miler at 9:00.  The first three miles were rolling dirt hills through the park and weren’t all that bad.  Then we had an aid station, followed by about a mile of gravel road.  I didn’t really have a time goal because I was just treating this as a training run for my half-marathon in September.  But at the 4-mile mark I was right on pass for 11-minute miles, so I wanted to keep that up, if not speed up for the last three miles.

We went back into the woods on a single-track dirt path, but I was able to run with a group of five others and we kept a great pace.  Our last decent into the finish was quite steep, but we could hear the sounds of the finish and I crossed the line in 1:14:01, which is a little more than 10.5 minute mile pace.  If I can keep that up for my half, which is a road course and totally flat, that would be about 2 hours and 17 minutes… not bad.  I was happy with my time yesterday because I haven’t done a trail race before and there were a decent amount of hills.  Anyway, after I finished my race, I went back to cheering on my sister-in-law and she finished her first marathon (on quite a difficult course, I thought) in 5:46:56!

That afternoon we went to the river in town and tried our hand at paddle-boarding.  This is essentially standing on a surfboard-shaped device, with an oar, and paddling around on a river.  Balancing is a little challenging, especially after a run, but we had a great time.  This morning, the girls got up and drove to Crater Lake.  This is a gorgeous, bright blue, lake in the middle of Oregon.  We traveled the entire rim road, taking lots of great shots, watched the film in the visitor center, then headed down the mountain to Medford, OR.  After a nice seafood dinner, we’re crashing early to rest our tired bodies.  Here are some pictures from these days but more are on Facebook, talk to you soon!












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