Oregon Adventure Days 3-4

Friday I woke up early, went for a run near my hotel (kinda sketchy), then hopped on the MAX with all of my stuff and went back to the airport.  There I picked up my rental “mid-sized SUV”, which is a Jeep Patriot, and hit the road.  I got something that big so I can fit my mom, sister-in-law, and 9-month-old niece in with me… and all of our stuff.  I headed east along the Columbia River Gorge and too scenic Route 30 past numerous waterfalls and scenic overlooks of the river, stopping occasionally for pictures.

As you can see, it was overcast that morning and cool enough that I needed a sweatshirt when I got out of the car!  I eventually dropped down onto that road in the picture on the left.  After stopping at several Oregon Trail markers (and resisting the urge to fjord the river), I turned south and drove through the Mt. Hood National Forest.  This was pretty, lots of trees and a view of snow-capped Mt. Hood the whole time.  But I didn’t realize I was committing to 70 miles without food, beverage, or bathroom.  But when I came out on the other side it was 15 degrees warmer and looked like a desert.  Then there was farmland.  I don’t understand the climate of this state. Once through the desert, I headed south to Bend and met up with my family!  That was day three.

Day four was a lot more of hanging out with the family 🙂  My niece is super cute.  It’s true. We explored the Tumalo waterfall and downtown Bend shopping area.  My sister-and-law and I checked-in for our races, she’s running her first marathon and I’m running a 7-mile run.  Both races are tomorrow and on dirt trails through the park that’s nearby.  I’ll post more about that after we finish.  We’ve been stocking up on pasta and carbs to prepare ourselves.  That’s all for now, sorry there are no pictures this time, WordPress is being weird but check out my album on Facebook.  Hope everyone is enjoying August as much as I am!

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