Oregon Adventure Day 2

Just so you know, I won’t be posting every day of this trip.  However, yesterday was so packed that I had to write it down before I forgot!

I started early and jumped on the MAX to ride to the other side of the city and Washington Park.  This area is amazing!  It’s a huge park with a zoo, forestry center, Japanese gardens, rose test gardens, memorials, etc.  I went first to the Japanese gardens and quickly learned that I have a fascination with taking pictures of reflections and at odd angles.  This place was perfect for that as you can see below on the left.  There were also a traditional stone garden, shown on the right.










After the Japanese gardens, I headed across the parking area to the rose test gardens.  This is where the “City of Roses”, aka Portland, grows thousands of different species and cross-pollination breeds of roses.  Now, I was there a little past the peak of their blooming so the buds were very open and many had already died but those that were still open were gorgeous.

From the gardens, I stopped by the Oregon Holocaust Memorial and the Lewis and Clark Memorial before leaving the park.  Then I walked to the trolley car in town, which has an amazing “free zone” in the center of town, which is so cool!  I rode north and checked out a 3D art museum.  It was small and run by a very enthusiastic man, but actually really cool to see how 3D photos were originally created and how technology has changed.  Definitely worth the visit, especially since it was First Thursdays and free!

From there I took the trolley south and stopped off in the Pearl District.  After some water and a pastry at the Pearl bakery (delicious!) I wandered around Powell’s bookstore, which take up an entire city block.  It’s independently owned and has tons of used and cheap books.  I had to resist, but it was fun to look around especially in the rare and old books room.  Then it was back on the trolley and way down south to the Keller foundation.   It’s another whole block and lots of business people and families were enjoying lunch by it.

In the afternoon I explored the Pioneer Square area with lots of shopping options and just open spaces.  Then I walked along the Waterfront Park for quite some time and almost rented a recumbent bike-car, but I resisted.  I finished up my day in Portland with dinner at Old Town Pizza, which is rumored to be haunted.  It even has underground tunnels below to prove it!  The pizza was excellent, but by this time my body was tired from walking, I was probably dehydrated, and my stomach wasn’t used to the food I’d been eating for the past two days.  So I hopped on the MAX and called it an early night after a great day in Portland!


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