Oregon Adventure Days 0-1

For the next two weeks I’ll be posting about my trip to Oregon, so get excited 🙂

I have to talk about day 0 first because I was supposed to fly out here on Tuesday evening from IAD to PDX.  However, I had very fluid plans for the first four days so I volunteered to step off the plane and give my seat up for someone else.  In return, I got a $400 travel voucher that I can use to take more trips this year, meal money for dinner and breakfast, and my checked bag fee was reimbursed.  I was also able to cancel my hotel room for the night and get that money back.  So in total, I saved/earned over $500.  Not bad!

So Wednesday morning I headed to the airport again, this time with a connecting flight through SFO.  I observed that going through security in the morning is WAY faster/easier and I’m convinced it’s because the crowd is mainly business travelers who know the policies.  Unlike the woman I followed through on Tuesday who had a dog, a dog stroller, two rolling suitcases, and a purse… not to mention her jewelry, heels, scarves, belt, etc.  Ugh.  The flights were both easy and I even got some school work done during my three-hour layover in San Fran.  It’s a gorgeous airport with lots of outlets and comfortable seating!

Okay, okay I’ll get back to Oregon.  Once I landed, I hopped on the MAX (above ground train system) to my hotel.  I picked this hotel because of the low price and it’s location literally right next to a MAX stop.  I won’t have a car until Friday, so I’ll be relying on this system.  After a quick (and much-needed) shower, I met up with one of my friends and her new fiance!  We studied abroad together in Poland 2005, which seems like so long ago now!  They cooked burgers for dinner and a great salad… whose main ingredient I need to figure out, it was some kind of grain.  Very good!  Then we treated ourselves to Voodoo Doughnuts for dessert.  They have insane donut combinations.  I got the Dirt Doughnut (crushed Oreos on a glazed donut with white frosting) and the Raspberry Romeo (glazed donut with raspberry filling).  Then I headed back to the hotel to crash since it was late my time!

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