The Greenbrier Classic

This past weekend my boyfriend and I drove down to Lewisburg, WV and spent the weekend with his parents.  The motivation for going this weekend was the PGA Tour being played at the Greenbrier resort in town.  Friday night we got in late and pretty much just crashed.  Saturday, we were up “early” and headed down to the course.  We had grounds passes and access to a suite on the 17th hole, which was amazing.  Most of the morning and afternoon we walked around though, following some golfers for a few holes and jumping from here to there, trying to see it all.

I enjoyed watching the players, but I also enjoyed watching the crowds.  The outfits were amazing (in both a good and bad way).   Some of the golfers themselves were pretty entertaining too.  For lunch both days we headed to the suite and had Polish sausage, fresh fruit, BBQ sliders, turkey wraps, cookies, snacks, pork tenderloin, etc… heaven!  We could sit outside under an overhang and watch the approach shots and action on the green.  I definitely ate WAY too much 🙂

Sunday I got up super early and got in my long run for the week.  I drove to the Greenbrier River Trail, which is packed gravel, and ran just over 7 miles.  It was perfect – flat, shady, not too hot, deserted.  Then another day at the course.  After golf, I got to ride a motorcycle for the first time!!  This was on my bucket list and my boyfriend’s dad has a Harley.  The speed part was awesome, but the curves made me nervous.  Not sure I’ll ever own one, but it was a good time.

After eating homemade pizza (delicious!) I crashed and woke up Monday morning still tired.  We hit the road though and stopped at Sonic for lunch.  I have such fun memories of trips to Sonic with my extended family back in the day, but it’s really not all it’s cracked up to be anymore.  Especially since I eat a lot healthier now.  Oh well, it was fun and my boyfriend had never been so we did it.  All-in-all, a great weekend of fun and relaxation… now off to Oregon!

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