Stay-cation is a term used to describe the act of giving yourself a vacation-like break without actually leaving the comforts of your own home.  Most people have stay-cations to save money and explore their area.  I’m not sure I really ended up saving money, but I have explored my area for the last ten days!

While killing time before my next trip, which starts tomorrow, I have done a lot of fun things in and around my house.  Here at home I’ve finished a 2,000 piece Las Vegas puzzle, used a hedge trimmer for the first time to shape the bushes in my front yard, worked out almost every day while continuing my training, cleaned out my closet, and scanned a ton of old newspaper articles.  I’ve also watched my fair share of TLC shows and movies.

When not in my house, I’ve managed to do a lot of back-to-school shopping, both supplies for my kids and clothes for me.  That was the expensive part of this stay-cation!  My mom and I went through boxes in our attic with stuff from my childhood.  We kept some, donated a lot, and trashed the rest.  I have also spent a lot of early afternoons at our neighborhood pool, reading my Kindle, swimming laps, and soaking up the sun.  The pool is not crowded at all and so relaxing!

Now, I’m gearing up for a weekend trip to the Lewisburg, WV for the PGA Greenbrier Classic tournament.  Right after that, I head out to Oregon and the Pacific NW with my family to explore for two weeks.  Then I’m home in time to catch Wicked at the Kennedy Center before our teacher workdays begin.  Happy summer everyone!


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