Cobb 12 Cinemas

Leesburg, VA (in the new Village shopping center on Route 7)

So this is a restaurant review because technically, I ate Reese’s pieces while enjoying my film.  And I want to eat there more but I was too excited to wait!  We went to see Transformer’s on the opening night of the movie theater and wow was it impressive.

You walk into the foyer on the bottom floor, buy your tickets, then head up the escalator to the real lobby.  There was a simulation of the new “D box technology” that one of the theaters has, it’s basically like the 4-D movies at Busch Gardens… I say pass.  But there’s a full bar in the lobby as well and you can take your drinks into the theater with you! There are also three “VIP” theaters out of the 12 they have, where you enter through curtains and rumor has it that you can place food and drink orders from your seat and they will fill them for you and deliver during the movie!!

Then, there’s the concession stand/basically a restaurant.  So on one side, you can grab what you want cafeteria style, this is for sodas, popcorn, candies, ice cream, etc.  Then you pay as you exit.  On the front side are other counters where you can order actual food!  Such as: teriyaki rice noodles, deluxe hamburgers with fries, popcorn shrimp, etc.  They give you a buzzer for those items and you wait until it rings, then you pick it up at the pick-up window and head to the movie.  These items are served on a tray, for easy eating in the theater and all looked delicious, although we’d already eaten and didn’t try any.

We were in one of the smaller theaters since Transformers is an older film now, but the picture was extremely clear, the leather seats recline (although, I had to prop my feet up on the seat in front of my to hold myself back because I’m too light).  There is plenty of room in the aisles and in-between rows of seats.  Overall, I can’t wait to see a movie in the VIP Lounge, which of course costs more, but I think only if you reserve your seat, which you can do! This place is like Disneyland and again, I can’t wait to go back and actually eat a meal there 🙂

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