The Three S’s of Summer

Southern – I forgot to post last week that Mom and I had been traveling around central/southern Virginia.  We visited family and friends in Lynchburg, had a very informative (and hot) tour of the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, and hung out at Wintergreen.  This past weekend I traveled down to Clarksville to visit a friend from college.

Sunny – There was great weather at Wintergreen for Mom and I, but most of my sun has been from the pool by my house.  I hang out there when I can and avoid eye contact with the high school girls who judge me, my bathing suit, my accessories, etc.  I can walk over though, so it’s great for a few hours of sun.  This weekend I was out on Buggs Island Lake most of the time.  My friend owns a pontoon boat and was nice enough to let me ride around on it.  We would swim until we pruned, then lay out until we got too hot… rinse and repeat.  I also officially want to own a lake house later in my life. With a boat. And a golf cart.

Slow – Heading home from Bedford, we (Mom) thought it would be nice to take the Blue Ridge Parkway back to Wintergreen… It was very nice, but very slow as the parkway winds around and around and back and forth.  We only got stuck behind one or two cars out for a Sunday drive, but it still took more than an hour longer than it took to get there.  My friend in Clarksville lives in small town America.  Everyone knows everyone and just enjoys life at their own pace.  I’m not going to lie, it’s really refreshing.  While I know I would get tired of it if I lived there year-round, it is quickly becoming my favorite trip of each summer.  Next year: Lake Fest!

Now, stop sitting inside on your computers and get outside to enjoy the summer!


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