Leesburg, VA (in the new Village shopping center on Route 7)

We tried this out on the morning of the Fourth of July.  It was full of little kids, perhaps because kids eat free on Mondays.  There were also awkward jesters painted in murals on the walls.  We thought the food took a little longer than it should have to cook and it is a little more expensive than I think it should be, especially for breakfast.

Now, the food.  I had blueberry waffles.  This was literally a Belgium waffle with blueberries in the indentations.  I was kind of expecting a blueberry sauce or glaze, but there was none.  Warm maple syrup did come with it and of course, powdered sugar.  It was good… but I mean, how can you really mess that up?

My boyfriend was a little more adventurous and went with the “Yoke Around the Clock”.  This was sunny side up eggs placed on top of bagels, with bacon and cheese on top.  His also came with sliced potatoes, which were delicious (I stole some!).  He enjoyed it and said it was cooked well, it was certainly more food and was presented very nicely on the plate.

So I guess my final review is that the food’s good, just a little pricey.  I think I’d still pick Cracker Barrel if we had one, but it’s a nicer version of IHOP and I’m glad we tried it out!

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