Food for the Fourth

Let me start by throwing myself under the bus and saying that I do not like hamburgers, watermelon, ketchup, beer, traditional cake, corn on the cob, etc.  Some have even called me “un-American” because of my food tastes, but let me just take you through what I DID eat this weekend and what summer foods I DO like.

1. Fresh Fruit! Especially the berries.  I had angel food cake with cool whip and fresh fruit for dessert one night.  I had waffles with blueberries at Eggspectation this morning (check back for a review on that).  I had tons of other, extra berries on the side also.

2. Seafood! I had pounds of peel-and-eat shrimp this weekend, tossed in Old Bay and steamed.  It’s so good, it’s crazy.  I could eat this every day all day.  To top off the seafood of the weekend, I had a crab cake sandwich at Ford’s Fish Shack.  Heavenly as always 🙂

3. Other meats. Namely chicken salad and hot dogs.  I had hot dogs grilled on Sunday.  That’s the only way I like them, grilled… and I guess technically I had a bratwurst. Yum!  Chicken salad is best served on a croissant, which is how I had it all weekend.  We tried out Giant’s chicken salad (instead of Costco’s) and it was okay.  Lots of meat, but it was a little dry too.

I guess those are the highlights… I also had these incredible crushed Oreo cookie balls dipped in chocolate.   But enough about food for now, I’ll check back in later… July is a month of travels so get excited!

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